Customer service is a cornerstone of R2 Logistics. We look to provide each and every customer with the quality of service they deserve. We like to think that our customer service is unmatched, but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say.

“I believe R2 is one of the best carriers we have and we can always count on them for pickups and deliveries. If there is a problem we are notified immediately and that is what makes R2 stand out from the rest.”

Ford Motor Company

“The entire team at R2 is in our corner. The communications on rates and dispatch information arrives in a very timely manner. You can dispatch with R2 and know that the load will go through. Thanks to all the team members at R2!”

The Andersons

“R2 honors commitment…really important and upstanding quality not found in many providers. They will do everything possible to get freight covered when an urgent need occurs.”

The Scotts Company

“In the past I have not used many brokers – always carriers with owned assets. When I work with R2 I almost think they have carriers on the line waiting for loads. Their group really goes out of their way to find drivers and help out the customer on short notice.”

Reckitt Benckiser

“The level of service provided by R2 is second to none in the brokerage industry and I am personally looking for additional opportunities where we can expand their service model to other market locations.”

Verso Paper

“We choose R2 for their quality service and credibility they present when doing business with us. We rely on carriers to provide honest, reliable and credible service, and R2 demonstrates this on every shipment.”


“R2 is very responsive when I need to get a shipment covered and they make sure that if there is a problem, that we are informed as soon as it arises.”

Johns Manville

“The greatest strength R2 Logistics has is its employees. I am able to make a phone call and I feel confident that any question can get answered by any employee.”

General Motors

“I’m fortunate to have the team I have with R2 Logistics. They are quick, efficient, reliable and communication is tops! When needing a truck to make my deliveries happen I don’t have to wait any length of time to get an answer. I couldn’t ask for anything better!”

Carrier Corporation

“What distinguishes R2 from their competitors is that they are consistently exceeding our expectations. One of the main reasons I enjoy working with R2 comes down to one word – Reliability.”

Briggs & Stratton

“R2 Logistics is a great business partner for Campbell’s. We don’t worry about lack of communication with them when they cover our freight. The service is impeccable and the communication is proactive.”

Campbell's Soup Company

“R2 is one of the easiest carriers I deal with. I know when I put R2 on a load I do not need to worry about it. The team is always open to communication and willing to help.”

Niagara Water

“Without a doubt would be our broker of the year if we were issuing awards. In terms of coming through in the clutch and doing what they say they’re going to do, I’d put them up against anyone in the industry, asset or brokerage. Whereas for many shippers in the industry, ‘brokerage’ and the ‘spot market’ are dirty words. R2 feels more like a partner than others who will gouge you when you’re in a desperate situation. Those types of values go a long way in turning a transactional relationship into a more strategic partnership. R2 understands that our business is 24/7 and the group that services our business has adapted themselves to meet our needs.”

Pinnacle Foods Group

“Working with R2 is like throwing a hail marry pass with your entire team ready and waiting in the end zone. This group consistently delivers the most competitive rates and backs it up with timely, professional communication. Giving R2 Logistics an opportunity to show what they can do was an excellent choice.”

Playcraft Systems